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Ordering Process

The M3 INSPIRATION Series comes in three categories and has a lot of customization options. In order for us to provide an accurate quote we need to know what styles you are interested in and we will guide you through the configuration process.


Step 1. Selection:

Choose the category that suits you and get an idea of the light modules you prefer.

Step 2. Quote Request:

Within 24 hours of sending this form you will be provided an estimate and we will schedule a meeting.

Step 3. Design Meeting:

We narrow down your options and identify specifics of your fixture package based on requirements. 

Step 4. Final Quote:

Within 48 hours after your design meeting we provide an accurate quote for you to approve with lead times

Step 4. Delivery:

Once your package is assembled you get all of the modules, base components, and hardware you need. 

Sample Kits

Make a note in the text box if you are requesting a sample order to expedite the process. We will get confirmation on what you need in your kit before anything is sent.


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