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Ordering Process

COLOSSAL Outdoor Sconces are assembled by hand at our Houston distribution facility. That means you can have these delivered to your job site the same week you order.


Step 1. Selection:

Choose from among 13 styles that are available in two sizes. Pick warm white or cool white light, and check if your model has an optional lens.

Step 2. Quote Request:

Once we have an idea of your needs you are provided a quote to approve.

Step 3. Assembly:

As soon as your order is confirmed your COLOSSAL Sconces are assembled by our engineers. 

Step 4. Delivery:

Within 48 hours after your order is confirmed your order is shipped

Sample Kits

We understand that sometimes you need to see a sample before specifying a light into your project. Our COLOSSAL Sconces are available in single pieces for this very reason.


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