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Decide whether you want a configurable pendant, track light system, or wet location rated channel light. 

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Therapy Session

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Submit a quote request so we can get an idea of the scope of your project. 

Design Meeting


Based on your requirements we can offer a variety of options and finalize specifics of your custom package. Typically this is online.

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Business Presentation
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Delivery Men


Your full kits, with everything you need for installation (besides tools), are brought right to the job site.

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Contractors and electricians will have no trouble installing these light systems.

Installing Electric Cables



Provided Materials

Modules ✓

Bases and/or Rails ✓

Connectors ✓

Fixture Screws ✓

Mounting Hardware ✓

Finish Protection Gloves ✓

Not Provided
100% Clear Silicone (as needed)

5/32" Countersunk Screws (recessed mount track rails)

5/32" Screws (surface mount track rails)

- Use surface appropriate anchors -



All of the M3 INSPIRATION Luxury Pendants are installed the same way. This video also demonstrates how matrix kits are attached together to make one large fixture. The light modules attach magnetically and can be moved and changed without tools.

The M3 Track Light System is a magnetic and modular design that can be surface mounted, suspended or recessed. The In-Ground Channel Light can be recessed in a variety of materials and is safe for outdoor use.


What are M3 INSPIRATION components made of?

All of the modules, bases, and rails are made with high-grade aluminum for optimal heat dissipation.

Who can install M3 INSPIRATION?

These modular kits are extremely easy to install, but require more attention when using a recessed method.

Are M3 INSPIRATION systems waterproof?

Only the In-Ground Channel Light system is wet location rated and safe for use in direct contact with water.

Are M3 Luxury Pendants easy to clean?

These pendants have a satin anodized aluminum finish. Although anodizing aluminum creates a very hard surface, you can still damage it with harsh cleaners. Use a gentle cleaner and try to keep abrasive sponges to a minimum. The best cleaners for anodized aluminum are in the pH range of six to eight. Avoid cleaners with chlorine. Dishwashing soap is a good choice.

Is the M3 Track Light System easy to clean?

Avoid harsh chemicals: Unlike spray paint, powder coating is much more resistant to things like rust, corrosion, peeling and fading. However, that resistance does not mean it’s completely fine to use chemical cleaners and solvents to clean powder coated items. Harsh cleaners and solvents like acetone can actually damage powder coating.


Wipe off dust with a soft cloth. If more cleaning is necessary, use a highly diluted, mild soap in water and a soft towel or soft sponge to very gently clean. Rinse with a little water, then dry with another soft towel.

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