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Ordering Process

Every M|R Walls surface is custom milled to order from 2.5x12 ft sheets. Below is a breakdown of the process. 


Step 1. Brainstorming:

Identify where you will apply the surface and take measurements. Begin thinking about color, pattern, and if you want to incorporate lighting.

Step 2. Estimate Request:

Kick off the process by submitting some basic information. 

Step 3. Discovery Session:

Within 24 hours we will send you a price estimate and schedule a meeting to hone in on the specifics. 

Step 4. Design Assist (Optional):

If you want a completely custom design we offer an addon service to collaboratively develop your vision.

Step 5. Shop Drawings:

Once the scope is identified in Step 3-4, you get shop drawings, a material list, and an accurate price quote.

Step 6. Production:

When you approve the shop drawings and quote your order is milled and shipped directly to the job site.

Sample Kits

We can build sample kits upon request in the form of 12x12 in tiles. These tiles are ready to ship in white and demonstrate the durability, translucence, texture, and seams.    

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